Welcome to The Open Bank Project’s Social Finance web application.

The Social Finance application (a.k.a. Transparency application) allows bank account holders to choose with whom they would like to share their transaction data. For instance, an individual might share their bank account with their accountant; a company with their directors and/or shareholders; an NGO or government department with the public.

Account holders can preserve privacy and commercial confidentiality by using aliases to protect the real names.

We enable a lively dialogue around the transactions which may be annotated with comments and images. For instance an NGO could upload pictures of a building which cost €50,000 and members of the public can comment on the value and quality of the work.

Once connected, account holders can also benefit from other applications that use the Open Bank Project API e.g. the Singing Bank

See the left panel for examples of organisations raising the bar of financial transparency !

We are an open source project backed by TESOBE. More information is here.

If you are interested in pioneering financial transparency and publishing your data, please don't hesitate to connect your bank account using this page.

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